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13-09-2013 | New Season Core Workout

Core workout

When training your team, it's important to understand why each exercise is necessary. With the help of a physiotherapist, we've put together a training programme to help you understand how to better strengthen the core.


Core Workout

The core consists of a selection of muscles which primarily aim to stabilise the spine. Having a strong core will provide more benefits than simply a ‘six pack’ or a ‘flat stomach’, it will improve vital skills which in turn will enhance your sporting ability. The programme is easy to complete as it does not require additional equipment, however items such as a gym ball and ankle weights can be purchased to assist with training. You can progress most exercises easily using a gym ball as it requires additional control, making your muscles work harder.

How will improving ‘the core’ help during sporting activities?

Muscles to consider when strengthening the core:


TVA Contraction

This is a really important exercise to begin your training. It aims to strengthen the deepest abdominal muscle which acts like a corset to stabilise your spine.


Abdominal crunch

Double straight leg raise




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