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20-08-2013 | Nike INCYTE- Official Match Ball of the Barclays Pemier League 2013

Nike have announced the INCYTE as the official match football for the Barclays Premier League. Dubbed as ‘the best ball in the world, for the best leagues in the world’, it is the most technologically advanced match ball ever. Nike have been the official match football supplier to the Premier League for 13 years, but this is their most sophisticated and innovative design yet.  As well as the Premier League, the INCYTE is the official match ball for the Brazilian, Italian, Spanish and Turkish leagues.

The 5 layer design makes it easier to bring the ball under control quickly and Nike’s specially developed RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology allows the player to see and respond to the ball faster than ever before. The micro-textured casing with a high elasticity surface and aerodynamic trajectory and allows the player to make a cleaner, faster strike, accurate up to 4mm.

From the Geo Merlin in 2000 to last season’s Seitiro, Nike have provided the Premier League with some of the best match balls football has ever seen since they replaced Mitre as the official supplier 13 years ago. With the introduction of goal-line technology to the pitch this season, we predict that the INCYTE is just the start of a long line of scientifically advanced gear for the sport.

With sporting goods constantly developing and becoming more advanced, players have never had it so easy.  The INCYTE is available in stores and online now, priced at £100.

Any thoughts on the INCYTE? A revolution in football or a gimmick devaluing the talent of the player?

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